Wow, 26 years have passed since I first opened the doors at Selvaggio Lawyers back in September 1991 as a Sole Practitioner. Back then it was simply me and one Secretary. We have now grown to 4 Lawyers, 3 of whom are Partners, myself, Daniela Poletti and Gillian Leahy along with Hannah Palos, a Solicitor, plus paralegals and support staff. In 1997 Daniela Poletti joined me as a Family Law Solicitor and in 2000 she became my Partner at Selvaggio Lawyers.

Back in 1991, Norwest Business Park was essentially a large vacant block of land. I acted for Steve Grant who back in those days was the owner of Grant Constructions. One of the first buildings which went up at Norwest Business Park was “Capital Business Centre” which of course now houses Earle Beaumont’s Beaumont Strata and Norwest Commercial and Industrial Real Estate.

Norwest has come on in leaps and bounds since 1991 and Selvaggio Lawyers has been fortunate enough to be involved in hundreds of commercial and property transactions within the Business Park and elsewhere acting for both corporations and individuals.

It has been a pleasure working with all of my clients over the years and I look forward to assisting you all in years to come.