Improving Communication Between Separated Parents

Many parents struggle to communicate after separation and may send inappropriate and hurtful messages to one another – which often end up as evidence in family law Court proceedings.

Divvito is a private messaging smartphone app which aims to improve communications between separated parents and to encourage parents to co-parent in a child-focused way.

Messages are organised by ‘topics’ (such as expenses, weekend events and activities) and are archived to allow for quick and easy reference. All app notifications are private and messages can only be viewed by opening the Divvito app itself, therefore decreasing the likelihood that children will accidentally see any messages and be exposed to conflict.

The app is also equipped with a messaging bot called ‘Dani’ which reviews all messages sent between parents. Dani then provides suggestions and advice when it deems messages to be inappropriate, replaces harmful words and delays the delivery of inflammatory messages to allow parents to revise and reconsider the messages they send.

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