Property, Commercial and Family Lawyers in Norwest, Sydney

Selvaggio Lawyers offers the expertise and wealth of experience you would normally find in a CBD practice, within a convenient north-west Sydney location.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Property & Commercial

Property Law

Led by Ross Selvaggio and Gillian Leahy who are both accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as specialists in Property Law, we offer a level of expertise and experience that is usually only found in a much larger, city-based practice.

Commercial Law

Founding Partner Ross Selvaggio is renowned for being a good communicator and providing sound, cost-effective advice to businesses of all sizes. He is a highly skilled lawyer who has worked with individual business owner/operators through to small-medium sized businesses and large organisations, drawing upon his own experience as a lawyer and business owner to quickly identify the key issues and develop a strategic approach to their resolution.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Family Law

Family Law

Selvaggio Family Lawyers is committed to getting the best results for you. Our team is experienced in the Court process and trained in alternate dispute resolution. If you are in the process of separating you can be certain that we will look after your best interests.

Selvaggio Family Lawyers’ personalised approach also means that you get excellent service tailored to your needs from both our lawyers and our team of friendly and efficient support staff who are dedicated to assisting you with the legal procedure after separation.

Whether you need advice, representation in court or mediation Selvaggio Family Lawyers can help you.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Wills & Contested Estates

Wills & Contested Estates

Our lawyers can help you with preparing your Will and your Estate planning.
When preparing a will, it is also important to consider whether a Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardian should be appointed to properly protect your interest.

In the unfortunate event a loved one passes away, our lawyers can assist you with obtaining a Grant of Probate and finalising an Estate.
Unfortunately when a loved one passes away, you can be left feeling that you have been unfairly provided for in a Will, or not provided for at all. Under the law a person can challenge a will if the person did not have capacity when they made the Will, they were under the influence of others when they made the Will, or you believe that you’re entitled to more from the Estate than you have received.

Our lawyers Ross Selvaggio and Gillian Leahy can advise you on your rights to challenge a Will and provide you with guidance through the Court process as contesting a Will can be a complicated process.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Litigation & Disputes

Litigation & Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes are sometimes avoidable. Whether you are seeking to defend your rights or you are subject to a dispute, you may find yourself in need of legal advice and representation.

Disputes can arise in all aspects of life, from property, commercial agreements and Wills and Estates.

Our lawyers are experienced in both State and Federal Courts and can advise you through the initial states of the dispute, through to settlement negotiations, mediation, and Court hearings if necessary.

It is important to seek legal advice early when a dispute arises, and our lawyers can advise you on the appropriate action to take to best protect your position.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Employment & Workplace

Employment & Workplace

Our lawyers act for both employers and employees when issues arise in the workplace.

Employment law is diverse and complex and our knowledgeable lawyers can provide you with the advice to guide you through your situation.
Employment issues can include advice on a new contract, termination of employment, disciplinary and performance related issued, discrimination, bullying and underpayment of wages.

The law sets strict timelines for some employment disputes, such as unfair dismissal. It is important to seek advice from a lawyer at the earliest possible stage to get appropriate advice and protect your position.

Selvaggio Lawyers - Traffic Law & Criminal Offences

Crime & Traffic

Unfortunately, at some point in time, you may find yourself charged with an offence. If you have been charged, or think you will be charged, the most important thing to do is to speak to your lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on what you should say based on your specific situation.

Most importantly, you need to speak to a lawyer who understands the Court process and what you should do. You also need a lawyer who is understanding, approachable, determined and tenacious – someone who will fight for your rights and act in your best interest.